Beam Report

Presentation "BEAM-REPORT in 3 minutes" :  PDF format , PPS format

As skills are the strength of your business, managerial information flows are its nerve impulse. You are convinced that Weekly reports are an essential management tool to your oganization. But you also think that they are time consuming, and that they do not give you the expected visibility and reactivity

  • A tedious constraint ?
    costly process ?  
    An overdose of information ?
  • Reports with bad focus, heterogeneus, with too few or too much details ?
  • Too much time spent to compile them, extract priotities, produce your own report?

BEAM-REPORT® improves the deal. It boosts this reporting process, makes it simple, flexible, scalable, efficient for all its actors. With a surprising ease of implementation, that convinced the most demanding users. Just imagine this through the following pages, the illustrations below, the 3-minutes demo. 

    Beam-Report propose une ergonomie naturelle et efficace

    Beam-Report offre plusieurs points de vue sur un document

    Beam-Report permet de mettre en évidence les priorités

    Writing gets more convenient, rules of the game are obvious.

    Choose one's point of view, one click for one situation

    Build immediately a synthesis, view priorities full-screen.

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