Mr Murail, Project Leader, AIRBUS :
« At the scale of Airbus Engineering, the BEAM-REPORT project was a relatively small one, but it brought a real productivity boost in the internal communication: the outcome is clearly positive.

We have reached the objective of ‘doing simple’ thanks to the flexibility of the tool. Its ease of use allowed a smooth implementation on the various European sites without significant change in local practices. »

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Mr Mamode, CIO, CNES :
« One of the major contribution of BEAM-REPORT has been to remotivate all the actors of the reporting process, by providing simple functionalities, adapted to users needs, without adding complexity. »

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Mr Oudart, General Operations Manager, Thales Alenia Space :
« Long since we were looking for a simple solution to improve our internal reporting process, our multi-national dimension has now made that essential. Homogeneousness, better visibility on progress and alerts : a straight benefit for all managers in the company. »
M. Bruniera, Head of Purchasing, Thales Alenia Space :
« We can now provide our internal customers with a much better visibility on what we are doing; this is valuable for them as well as for ourselves. With SYSTEAM, we have achieved that within a few weeks. » ... « The ROI of this project was less than 5 months, thanks to the time saved. »

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