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Web-meeting live demo
Get all your questions answered in 20 minutes.               
Test Beam-Report demo versionCheck by yourself !
Get your free personalized Business CaseWhat benefits for my company ? For which cost ? Pilot project package 
4-12 weeks real life test. No IT support required. 

This 20 minutes presentation will let you: 
- see Beam-Report in a real-life example
- get all your questions answered

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Note: if you're new to Beam-Report, we strongly recommend you to start with the web-meeting live demo.

This limited demo version contains ready-to-use sample reports which let you replay by yourself the test scenario presented during our web-meeting demo.


What benefits can I expect in my own organization ?
What is the total cost to get there ?

This free business case will provide you figured answers for your own case.

How does this work ?

1. We send you a signed confidentiality agreement
2. 1h30 meeting with you to analyze your existing practices
3. We build a mock-up version of Beam-Report
4. We send you your personnalized Business Case

The Business Case includes a financial analysis, some samples of your reports transposed in the Beam-Report concept, as well as the list of benefits relevant for your organization.

Forget the expensive and time-consuming pilot projects.

Beam-Report is a lightweight solution designed to be deployed fast: in just a few weeks, you'll be able to measure the benefits in your organization.

Key facts
- about 10 to 20 people during 4 to 12 weeks
- no more than 2 man-day total workload for customer
- operational in just a few days after kick-off
- Systeam support
- IT support not mandatory

The Pilot Project Package is a risk-free approach, thanks to a rigorous methodology proven on dozens of applications.

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