Business reporting processes may be various in form, content, frequency. But in all cases, as a complement to direct management relationships, they are essential to the management of your teams the follow-up of your activities and events. Setting up a structured reporting system, or choose a tool to improve the existing, leads to consider important issues and criteria in several areas : 
the scope :

the level :

  • strategic : managerial quality, handling of delegation, change management 
  • tactical : visibility, reactivity, risk management 
  • economical : productivity, implementation costs

  • for the COMPANY 
  • Consistency of reporting network w.r.t. organisation and its various decision levels 
  • Common language, factor of intégration across skills, sites, countries
  • Flexible solution, immediately adaptable to context changes
  • Reduce transmission delays throughout the management chain
  • Increase clarity and accuracy when sending alerts or cascading priorities 
  • Low-risk and low-cost solution
  • Increase productivity, at all stages

  • for each MANAGER 
  • A Report Format adaptable to local needs (objectives, skills, decision-making policy)
  • Better motivation of all employees in their domains of responsibility
  • More availability for the human dimensions of Management 
  • Instant visibility of objectives and priorities, better efficiency in team management
  • Regulated information, meetings more efficient, less e-mail and telephone traffic  
  • Spend 75% less time and energy in compiling and interpreting reports 

  • for each INDIVIDUAL 
  • Better acknowledgement of his mission and scope of responsability
  • Factor of confidence towards managers and peers
  • An opportunity to stand back with regard to daily operations, to take control on urgencies, to refocus priorities onto real objectives. 
  • A better follow-up of his own actions, an enlightened and more effective team operation  
  • No more time spent on formatting reports 

  • 100% of user satisfaction
  • Proven solution, with no technical risk, compatible with all architectures
  • Mastered solution, with a low level of dependency towards the provider 
  • No pre-requisite, no impact on existing infrastructure, no hidden costs 
  • No competition or interference with the other elements of the company I.S. 
  • A robust implementation process, fast and secure  
  • A progressive deployment, respectfull of the existing, without any critical point
  • Low investment level, almost nil operating cost, high and indisputable R.O.I.
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