BEAM-REPORT can be seen as an advanced word processing tool, that brings two original features :

  • For the writer : a framework to make easier the entry of information and to encourage its relevance. It comprises a predefined title structure, along with a set of attributes allowing to qualify each elementary information item.

    A better quality of information  
Those attributes define a customozable codification, to represent for instance :

- the weight of the information (important, urgent, ...)
- the type of the information (action, plan, problem)
- the expected action, context, confidentiality, ...etc.
  • For the reader : the ability to merge several documents, and to apply instantly one or several "points of view", according to his current need, thanks to sorting and filtering functions based on the attributes set by the author. 

    A better efficiency in transmission and use
For instance, the reader will be able to :

- Sort items by deceasing importance
- Show only plans, or only problems, or only one topic 
- Group all items dealing with the same subject ... etc.

Of course those functions are customizable, according to the context and objecrtive of the concerned documents. They allow to handle for instance : activity reports in various areas, project progress reports, case analysis reports, minutes of meetings, ...etc.

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