Just think how it can be used in the future…

The BEAM REPORT® solution is based on a software tool that implements an innovative approach in the production and processing of loosely structured information.
Beyond the tool itself, it also includes consulting services

A Simple and effective software tool…

BEAM REPORT® relies on a concept of "standard".

The user-defined standard enables you to structure text data, make it easy to read and use so it is much more effective, truly relevant.

Afar cry from the straitjacket of rigid forms that are so expensive to develop, BEAM REPORT® standards are extremely easy to define or amend and never tie the end-user down.

The functions of BEAM-REPORT® are protected by a patent pending.

Consulting services for a customized solution…

To respond to the specific needs of each customer, SYSTEAM offers advisory, implementation, training and customer support services.
We can support you in analysing, defining and implementing your reporting solution.

We can also co-operate with your organisational adviser and in-house "methods, quality and process improvement" specialists.
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