Demonstration video

In this 3 minutes demo, you will see how BEAM-REPORT® can multiply the effectiveness of reporting.

A few words about the context of this demonstration:
You run a Software Products Division, with Project (ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA ...etc.) and Resource (Architecture, Production, ...etc.) structures, and you have defined your need as far as Reporting is concerned :

  • The concerned topics : on-going projects and bids, and internal operations. This will result in a series of predefined titles.
  • The types of information that you need on those topics :
    - Project indicators (global, schedule, costs, customer relationship)
    - Progress of tasks, plans for the next week
    - Problems faced, with level of impact and corrective actions
    - Information about the business context, requests for action, ...etc.
  • The wheighting of the information, for instance to highlight most important points (Successes or Alerts). 

You have also analyzed the various management situations in which you use those reports, in order to define in particular:

  • The summaries (Project indicators, Major issues, Successes, Performance indicators).
  • The filters, that will allow to focus on particular types of information (Strategic, Innovation, Synthesis).
  • The post-processing Macros, for instance to prepare a synthesis with a different title structure.



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