IT magazine article : Beam-Report and Business Intelligence

Jun 29, 2011
An article from the French leading IT magazine "01 Informatique" stresses a traditional business intelligence issue that Beam-Report allows to solve.

Operational management is often hindered by the lack of information from the field. It is the statement made by Sébastien Thouvenin (GMI IT manager) and Vincent Berdot (IT journalist) in their article « The two faces of Business Intelligence », published in the French leading IT magazine '01 Informatique' earlier this month*.

We share the idea that figures used alone are often inadequate to support both financial and operational control. Quantitative dashboards are relevant as part of an « almost mechanical decision-making process ». But to assess the operational performance of a company, figures prove to be insufficient, and even misleading.

The authors explain for instance that « a variation (...) in a margin represents an essential indication, but it does not explain everything. A figure does not say how the last deployed or modified processes have changed employees' life (...) nor if the time potentially saved has been used for other purposes ».

Traditional BI solutions are known to be very technical-oriented, sometimes disconnected from business managers’ real needs. This article shows that times are changing though, and it's good news ! Maybe managers will now get the information they need, and not only the information the BI system is able to provide.

However, collecting « the qualitative feedback » from the teams is easier said than done, even more when it comes to feed a weekly decision-making process. The information is not available in databases, it is unstructured and can even evolve as it flows through the organization.

This is where lies the value of Beam-Report, which is today a one-of-a-kind solution to deal effectively with this issue.

Floriane Angelergues 

* Magazine 01 Informatique, p. 26, paper edition, June 16, 2011

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