French Aerospace Agency (CNES) buys a BEAM-REPORT corporate licence

Sep 25, 2008
CNES has selected BEAM-REPORT to industrialize the internal activity reporting process of their 2500 employees.

The French Aerospace Agency (CNES - Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales), who leads the famous Ariane rocket program, has settled an agreement with SYSTEAM in order to provide BEAM-REPORT to each of his 2500 employees spread over multiple locations, including Kourou in French Guyana.

In charge of the coordination of major spatial programs, CNES teams produce numerous weekly-reports. Until now based on standard text documents, the consolidation and the use of these weekly-reports at each management level were tedious and not optimized.

It's in this context that CNES has decided to use BEAM-REPORT to write, consolidate and process the weekly-reports. The deployment, which should be complete by end of 2008, will make the overall reporting more efficient: save time for all, produce homogeneous and structured information, easily usable by managers.

" One of the major contribution of BEAM-REPORT has been to remotivate all the actors of the reporting process, by providing simple functionalities, adapted to users needs, without adding complexity. " comments Mr MAMODE, Head of Information Technology at CNES.

Furthermore, and it's unusual in the IT industry, uses have been also promoters of the BEAM-REPORT solution, as Mr LELASSEUX, Sales Manager at SYSTEAM, explains: " The 300 users of the pilot projet have played a key role in the selection of BEAM-REPORT as a corporation solution. This confirms our strategic choice to propose a simple and light software, operational from day 1."


Jérôme Lelasseux - Marketing & Sales manager
+33 (0)5 34 66 86 62


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